Wisconsin Losing Residents and Tax Dollars

2/1/12 – A new report says 45-thousand Wisconsinites – which equals the entire population of Fond du Lac – moved to Florida and Arizona from 2006-through-2010. The state’s Taxpayers Alliance examined 15 years of Census and I-R-S data, and it concluded that quote – “Wisconsin has shifted from a net importer to a net exporter of people and income.” Almost 28-thousand state residents who moved to Florida during the five years the group studied had average family incomes of 82-thousand-dollars. Dale Knapp of the Tax Alliance says many are retirees. And for them, he said “no income tax in Florida seals the deal.” About 17-thousand Wisconsinites who moved to Arizona took away annual incomes of 53-thousand dollars. The report said 35-thousand more Milwaukee County residents left than arrived – and they reduced the county’s total incomes by one-point-three billion dollars. But those who moved to Wisconsin are no dummies – not all of them, anyway. Forty-percent of the incoming residents 25-and-older had college degrees. And about a quarter of those who moved here are in the 18-to-24-year-old age group. Wisconsin had a net population gain during the five-year study period, but that was due to births and deaths within the state. The Tax Alliance said a total of 413-thousand Wisconsinites left from ’06-through-2010 – while almost 389-thousand moved in.