Wisconsin Joint Finance Committee Approve $200-Million For Childcare

(Madison) The state legislature’s joint finance committee has approved spending nearly $200-million-dollars on childcare in Wisconsin. Committee Cochair Representative Mark Born of Beaver Dam says those federal funds were already earmarked, but they needed to sign off on the plan from the Department of Children and Families. He says (quote)… “the plan certainly invests in the childcare workforce, which is key to making our childcare centers and places for our kids to care successful.” 

Born says it’s a boost both to raising kids, but also workforce development. He adds… “parents don’t have to leave the workforce if they’re already in it because of childcare challenges. Or if they’re looking to get back into it after starting that family.” 

Other items that got approved include funding for state agriculture grants and boosts to nursing training. The program, run through the Higher Educational Aids Board, will increase the number of nurse educators throughout the state at various higher education settings to reduce the nursing shortage.