Wisconsin Is Getting Warmer

6/17/12 – Wisconsin’s been getting warmer at a faster pace than most other states. A study by the group Climate Control finds that since 1970, Wisconsin’s average temperature has risen by 61-hundredths of a degree per decade – the fourth-biggest rise in the country. And over the past 100 years, Wisconsin’s average temperature has jumped by 18-hundredths-of-a-degree per decade – the 16th highest increase. Climate Control is a group that advocates for lower carbon emissions – and to back up its stand, it looked at 100 years of data from over 12-hundred weather stations in the continental U-S. Minnesota is also one of the fastest-warming states. And assistant Minnesota climatologist Pete Boulay told the Saint Paul Pioneer Press that a big reason for the warmer readings is a lack of cold in recent winters. Arizona has warmed up the most since 1970, and Rhode Island is the fastest-warming state in the last 100 years. The only states which got cooler in that time span are Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas. All states got warmer since 1970