Wisconsin Hungry Below National Average

Hunger was a smaller problem in Wisconsin than in other states over the last three years. The U-S-D-A said just over 11-percent of Badger State residents did not have enough money or resources to get fresh food at some point from 2009-through-’11. The state’s food insecurity rate was smaller than the national average of 14-point-nine percent for last year alone. The annual U-S rate has held about steady since 2008, when the Great Recession began in earnest. The government said a three-year average provided a more accurate reflection of food insecurity at the state level, even though it includes 2009 when the recession hit the hardest. The government said about 50 million Americans – or about one of every six – were food insecure at some time last year. Eleven-million households coped by eating less varied diets, getting emergency food from pantries, or taking part in federal food assistance programs. Almost seven-million other households disrupted or reduced their food intake because of a lack of money.