Wisconsin Health Department Records Another Record Positive COVID-19 Cases

(Dodge County) Wisconsin health officials are reporting 5,262 positive coronavirus cases in Tuesday’s daily update. There are 43,163 active cases in the state, an increase of 2,067 from Monday. Active cases make up 20.9-percent of the 206-thousand people who have tested positive to date. So far, there have been 161-thousand recoveries.

State health officials recorded 64 deaths, bringing that total to 1,852. Deaths accounted for point-nine-percent of all cases in Wisconsin while 5.2-percent of those known to have contracted the virus needed to be hospitalized. Of the over one-million people who have died worldwide, the CDC says 226-thousand people were from the United States.

Dodge County has 27 deaths on record and 4,051 cases, an increase of 106 from Monday. The county had 107 negative tests returned for a running total of 28,271. Public health officials in Dodge County are actively monitoring 1,092 people while 2,187 have recovered.

Washington County has experienced 42 deaths and 4,367 cases, there are currently over 1,100 active cases.

Fond du Lac County has 4,461 positive tests on record, with 1,712 being active cases, and 20 deaths.

Jefferson County has reported 11 deaths and 2,697 cases to date, 604 are active cases.

There have been five deaths in Columbia County where there have been 1,761 total cases, currently the county has 622 active cases.

Green Lake County has three deaths and has 741 cases on record, 242 were reported in the last two weeks.