Wisconsin COVID Cases From Tuesday Again Below Daily Average

(Dodge County) Wisconsin health officials are reporting an increase of 374 cases of COVID-19 in Tuesday’s daily update. The two-week daily average is 436 daily infections. There is a total of 18,917 people now having tested positive. Three-point-six-percent (3.6%) of the ten-thousand tests administered came back positive on Tuesday, compared to 3.9-percent Monday and 2.3-percent Sunday.

State public health officials reported 12 deaths bringing the total 607. Deaths accounted for three-percent of all cases in Wisconsin while 14-percent of those known to have contracted the virus needed to be hospitalized.

Dodge County is still reporting 228 cases with two deaths on record. The county had 508 negative tests returned for a running total of 4,782.

Fond du Lac County has five deaths being reported and 215 people having tested positive. Washington County now has eight deaths on record and 260 positive tests. Jefferson County has reported three deaths and has a total 110 cases. There has been one death in Columbia County and 44 positive cases. Green Lake County has 20 cases.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, eleven more inmates at Waupun Correctional tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday. The facility now has 224 positive tests, the most in the state, while 982 inmates have tested negative. Eighteen staff members have tested positive.

At nearby Dodge Correctional, no inmates have tested positive for coronavirus while 948 have tested negative; 634 tests are still pending.

John Burk Correctional has two negative tests while 250 are still pending following on-site testing by the Wisconsin National Guard Monday.

Fox Lake Correctional has administered seven tests with five negative results and two tests still pending while one employee tested positive.

Columbia Correctional had two inmates test positive along with four employees, two inmates have tested negative.

The Wisconsin National Guard reports that one of their teams conducted  site-based testing on Tuesday in Clyman and collected over 75 specimens.


Image from www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/covid-19/index.htm