Wisconsin Cooperating With Trump Voter Info Request

7/6/17 – The head of the president’s commission that’s seeking personal voter data says it’s not true that 44 states refuse to cooperate with the request. Kris Kobach says only 14 states and Washington, D-C have rejected his group’s request for what it calls “publicly available voter information” — but as Wisconsin has shown, it’s not a rigid yes or no question, as many portray it. Badger State officials say the commission can obtain what the state considers to be public — names, addresses, and when they’ve voted — and like many candidates do, the Trump panel would have to pay 12-thousand-500 dollars for a statewide list. Meanwhile, the Washington news outlet “The Hill” says the Trump request might violate federal law, because agencies are required to clear their data requests with the Office of Management and Budget — which mandates specific details on how it would be used and protected. The commission says it’s not an agency, which an analyst quoted by “The Hill” disputes.