Wide Array Of Topics Will Be Painted For Beaver Dam Murals

(Beaver Dam) A wide array of topics will be painted throughout downtown Beaver Dam later this year. The city is holding a ‘Decorate the Dam’ festival from June 28 through July 2. During the five-day span, roughly 200 artists from around the world will converge on Beaver Dam to paint murals on the walls of participating downtown businesses. In this first installment of a five-part series, we look at the 14 mural themes that have been announced. During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment program, Festival Chairwoman Karla Jensen said one mural will cover the history of industry in Beaver Dam, dating back to its early days while also paying tribute to farming, dairy, and agriculture. Another mural will commemorate the history of two outdoor staples: Swan City Park and Crystal Lake Beach. One mural will honor the Gould Nursery, which was an outdoor location known for growing trees that was located on property currently owned by the Beaver Dam Unified School District. Jensen says the other themes are: banking history, breweries, cars/racing, churches, the Dodge County Fair, educational history, immigration history, libraries, motorcycles, sci-fi writer Raymond Gallun, and veteran’s history/patriotism. Two murals have already been completed in recent years: one on the Richard’s Insurance building honoring the old Monarch Range and one on the Interquest building commemorating vintage electronics. Each mural will cost roughly $7,500 to complete. The murals are intended to beautify the downtown and bolster tourism. In tomorrow’s second installment, we’ll look at the planned locations for the murals.