Wiard in Court

7/29/11 – A Horicon man accused of burglarizing a Horicon tavern over the Fourth of July weekend entered a “not guilty” plea at arraignment yesterday (Th). Police arrested Daniel Wiard on charges of domestic battery during the early morning hours of July 3 and en route to the jail, arresting officers got word that Danny Boy’s Tavern in Horicon had been burglarized. The next day investigators reviewed video footage from that night and the bartender identified the suspect as a guy named “Dan” who was new to town. Wiard moved to town last month. Police executed a search warrant at his residence and recovered $2600 in small bills and a Brewers Jersey that had been on a wall in the establishment. According to the criminal complaint, the 30-year-old waited in the women’s bathroom until everyone left for the night, loaded-up a garbage can full of items from the bar, dragged the garbage can home on his bike, and then dumped the garbage can full of stolen items out in his living room. That sparked a fight with his mother that resulted in his arrest on the domestic abuse charges. When questioned in jail about the break-in, Wiard reportedly said (quote) “I’m guilty of [burglarizing] whatever the bar’s name is and I’m willing to do my time.” The former North Dakota man is being held on a $10,000 cash bond. If convicted on charges of Felony Burglary and Theft and misdemeanor Criminal Damage To Property, the charges alone carry a maximum prison sentence of over 15 years.