White Construction Athlete of the Week…

Emma Hoffman

Central Wisconsin Christian

Parents Names

 Mike and Rachel Hoffman

Sports Participated In:

 Basketball, Volleyball

Favorite High School Athletic Moment

Winning Conference and Regionals in volleyball last year.

Pre-Game Event/Routine To Get Focused For Competition Include…

  Having my teammate braid my hair and then listening to music in the locker room.

Advice You Would Give To A Freshman High School Athlete

 Don’t take it for granted. It goes by fast.

A Person(s) Who Had A Major Impact On My Athletic Career & Why Is…

 My dad. He coached my middle school basketball team and he just started helping with our team this year as well. He knows basketball very well and always knows what to do to beat an opponent and how to help you improve individually.

Plans For After Graduation

 Go to college for elementary and special education

Favorite High School Class


Favorite High School Teacher & Why

Mrs. Schouten. She teaches my favorite class, psychology, and she’s our school counselor. She’s always willing to help out with anything.

Most Interesting Place I’ve Ever Visited Is…

 Cary, Mississippi for a mission trip.

Place I Would Like To Visit


Favorite Movie

 The Princess Bride

Favorite TV Show

 Jane The Virgin

Favorite Musical Artist

 Morgan Wallen

Favorite Food

 Garlic Bread

Favorite Athlete

 Caitlin Clark

Favorite Sports Team

 Milwaukee Brewers