White Construction Athlete Of The Week – 9/20/21

White Construction Athlete of the Week

Abby Ward

Marshall High School


Parents Names

Wendy and Doug Ward


Sports Participated In:

Volleyball, basketball and track


Favorite High School Athletic Moment

Winning the state title for basketball my freshman year. Pre-Game/Event Routine


To Get Focused For Competition Include…

Listen to music with all of my teammates in the locker room and dance.


Advice You Would Give To A Freshman High School Athlete

Some advice I would give to a freshman high school athlete would be to always

stay coachable, remember that your teammates are going to be lifelong friends, and just stay true to yourself.


A Person(s) Who Had A Major Impact On My Athletic Career & Why Is…

The people who had the biggest impact on my athletic career are my teammates.

Whenever I’ve had bad practices, games, or just days in general, they’ve always been there to lift me up. Not only have I found success and love in the sports I play but I’ve found lifelong friends.


Plans For After Graduation

Where I am going to college is undecided but I plan to major in psychology or social work and get my masters degree.


Favorite High School Class

My favorite class is English or Anatomy and Physiology.


Favorite High School Teacher & Why

My all time favorite high school teacher would have to be Mr. Seep because I’ve

never had a boring class with him.


Most Interesting Place I’ve Ever Visited Is…

The most interesting place I’ve ever visited would have to be St. Petersburg, Florida.


Place I Would Like To Visit

I would really love to travel Europe.


Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is Footloose.


Favorite TV Show

My favorite TV show is Friday Night Lights


Favorite Musical Artist

My favorite musical artist is Taylor Swift


Favorite Food

My favorite food is chili with noodles in it


Favorite Athlete

My favorite athlete would have to be Giannis


Favorite Sports Team

My favorite sports team is any pro sports team from Wisconsin but specifically the Bucks and the Packers.


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