White Construction Athlete Of The Week – 9/13/21

White Construction Athlete of the Week

 Clay Blevins

Fall River High School


Parents Names

Chris and Katrina Blevins


Sports Participated In:

Football, basketball, Track


Favorite High School Athletic Moment

Winning Sectionals to make it to state for high jump


Pre-Game/Event Routine To Get Focused For Competition Include…

Give myself a moment to mentally prepare in silence


Advice You Would Give To A Freshman High School Athlete

Enjoy opportunity you’ve been given, 4 years seems like a lot of time to play sports and it’s easy to forget what a privilege it is to be able to do it, it won’t be long before you’re writing one of these so enjoy the small things while you have them


A Person(s) Who Had A Major Impact On My Athletic Career & Why Is…

Coach Eric Schultz: it’s been over 4 years since I’ve had him as my head coach but in the time that I did he taught me nearly everything I know about basketball, even into high school he never left my life on the court. Whether it’s during halftime and he pulls me aside to talk about what he sees me doing and how to do it better, or it’s just giving me a word of encouragement and some advice when Things don’t fall in place. He always says the right things at the time I need to hear it most. He knows everything basketball and he’s put a lot of time into teaching me those things. I can’t describe how much it means to me and the impact he’s had on me as an athlete


Plans For After Graduation

Go to college for Physical Therapy


Favorite High School Class 

Team Sports


Favorite High School Teacher & Why

Mr. Wenzel, he knows how to make subjects nobody understands fun, and he’s a lighthearted person


Most Interesting Place I’ve Ever Visited Is…

Mount Rushmore


Place I Would Like To Visit



Favorite Movie

Princess Bride


Favorite TV Show

Hogan’s Heroes


Favorite Musical Artist

For King & Country


Favorite Food



Favorite Athlete

Davante Adams


Favorite Sports Team

Ohio State Buckeyes


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