White Construction Athlete Of The Week – 10/4/21

White Construction Athlete of the Week…

 Amy Kelly

Markesan High School


Parents Names

Tom and Fritz Kelly


Sports Participated In:

Volleyball, basketball, and track and field


Favorite High School Athletic Moment

My favorite high school athletic moment would have to be winning regionals last volleyball season.


Pre-Game/Event Routine To Get Focused For Competition Include…

Before competition I usually watch previous film from the team we’re up against to prepare and get information about the team and how they play. Then I talk to my team and we get each other’s energy up to get ready and compete.


Advice You Would Give To A Freshman High School Athlete

Listen to your coaches and teammates, even if you don’t like what they have to say, they are there to help better yourself and your team.


A Person(s) Who Had A Major Impact On My Athletic Career & Why Is…

Jake Vandeberg. Jake has been one of my coaches since elementary school club basketball. He taught me so much about not only basketball, but athletics in general. Jake has always believed in my athletic ability and has helped me become the athlete I am today. Mr. Laper has also had a big impact on my athletic career. He was in charge of summer sport camps that I always attended, taught me how to shoot and dribble a basketball, and continues to have sport related conversations with me although his time as a high school coach has ended.


Plans For After Graduation

I plan to attend a four year college after graduation and study physical therapy.


Favorite High School Class 

English/Written Communications


Favorite High School Teacher & Why

My favorite high school teacher would have to be Mrs. Dunlavy because she is such a smart woman who teaches me new things every time I have a conversation with her and I truly enjoy her company.


Most Interesting Place I’ve Ever Visited Is…

Yellowstone National Park


Place I Would Like To Visit



Favorite Movie



Favorite TV Show

The Office


Favorite Musical Artist

Bruno Mars


Favorite Food

Chicken tenders and blueberries


Favorite Athlete

Frank Kaminsky


Favorite Sports Team – Wisconsin Badgers


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