Wheel Tax Park of Mayville’s 2012 Budget

10/12/11 – The wheel tax for vehicle owners in the city of Mayville will not be sun-setting after this year. Elected officials met as a Committee of the Whole in a marathon session last night to hear expenditure requests from department heads and lay the groundwork for 2012 budget. The vote was 4 to 2 to keep the wheel tax in the budget through at least next year. The $10 annual charge was established in 2009 in response to sky-rocketing salt prices and is expected to bring in $54,000 this year. Because of a decline in vehicle registrations, the tax is projected to bring in around $49,000 next year. In voting for the extension, Alderman Dave Pasbrig said the city just cannot afford to operate without the wheel tax though he looks forward to casting a vote against it one day. Alderman Bob Redeker voted against it, say the money collected through the wheel tax should be generated through the property tax levy. Clerk-Treasurer Kathy Wild says it’s too early for specific budget numbers. Mill rate information is expected when the Committee of the Whole meets next Tuesday to iron out the numbers.