Weeklong Jury Trial, Bond Modification For Aiding A Felon Suspects

3/30/17 – A weeklong jury trial was set yesterday for a Fox Lake woman accused of helping her son hide the body of his girlfriend. Marjorie Jones is facing one felony count of Aiding a Felon for allegedly assisting 36-year-old Laverne Ware Jr. in the December 4th murder of Sesalie Dixon.  Jones five-day jury trial is slated to begin January 22, 2018. Officers found Dixon’s body in the cab of a pickup truck that was parked in the garage of Jones’ boyfriend, Vernon Mickey.  The 58-year-old Mickey, apparently concerned for his safety, had previously asked for a cash bond instead of a signature bond. A signature bond requires the defendant to sign a promise to return to the court for trial, with a monetary judgment possible for failing to return, but does not require a deposit of any cash or property with the court. During a motion hearing yesterday, the court granted a request by Mickey and he had his $10-thousand-dollar cash bond changed back to a signature bond. Meanwhile, Ware, who is charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide, is being held on a $2.5-million-dollar cash bond and will be arraigned in two weeks.