WEDC Offering New Website To Help Business Owners Connect With Each Other

(Wisconsin) The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is aiming to help put new business owners in contact with each other, and the experts they need to expand.

The program is called Start in Wisconsin and WEDC CEO Missy Hughes says the state’s economy has been damaged, and they’re helping people get businesses back on the market.

“We need a vibrant ecosystem, a vibrant economy, and one business is not going to do that, so we want businesses to be moving through the cycle of idea to start up to scale up.”

Hughes says they’ve carefully worked to ensure that all the topics and information on the new program are up to date and helpful to people.

“The worst thing that we can do is to provide information that creates more work for someone who’s already no doubt overwhelmed with trying to start a business. What we do is relieve stress and certainly not add to it.”

Hughes says they’re aiming to help get Wisconsin’s economy back on track by supporting the next generation of new businesses.

You and your business can get signed up and learn more online at Start in

Courtesy of WRN