Weather-Related Dodge County Roadway Closures

(Dodge County) The changing weather has resulted in several road closures in Dodge County. Highway Commissioner Brian Field says the combination of frozen culverts, roadside ditches full of ice, a rapid snow melt, and periodic rain events has caused some local highways to be closed and detoured. Field notes that flooded roadways are dangerous and should be avoided. He also advises motorists not to drive around barricades or through standing water on roadways as it is impossible to know if the roadway, and or cross culverts, are failing or missing completely.  Residents are encouraged to report any flooded roadway that does not have warning signs or closures to the Highway Department [at 920-386-3650] during the week or to the Sheriff’s Office [at 920-386-4860] on weekends. You will find that information along with a link to closed and detoured roads at


Please refer to for detailed closure and detour information.


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