WDS Works Director Steve Westra Retires

(Beaver Dam) A Beaver Dam-based contractor has announced the retirement of a longstanding figure within the company. WDS Construction said recently that Director of WDS Works Steve Westra has retired. Westra, a third-generation contractor, spent 55 years in the construction industry. He started sweeping floors at job sites owned by his father’s construction business, which he later served as president and CEO for 21 years. When Steve’s son, Ben, started his own construction company he used the first names from the three generations of family contractors before him to name WDS Construction (William, Dewey and Steve). Ben says his father, the “S”, provided irreplaceable advice during the business’ start and his work during the company’s first 15 years was an invaluable asset. He says his father is genuine, charitable and served as a mentor to many at WDS and in the industry. Concerning his retirement, Steve Westra says there are a few local organizations that need help and he is going to see if he can assist them. During his time at WDS, Westra served as project manager or superintendent on multiple projects and helped his son Ben establish WDS Works, the benevolent arm of WDS Construction.