WCSO Sheriff Thankful No Injuries Occurred During Mental Health Situation

(Washington County) The Washington County sheriff is thankful no one was hurt as one of his deputies handled a mental health situation early Thursday morning. A 27-year-old Sheboygan man drove past a deputy parked on Interstate 41 Near Highway K around 3:20am.

The man stopped and aggressively ran towards the deputy. Signs of impairment were noted and the individual was taken to a local fire department for field sobriety testing.

During the arrest process, Sheriff Martin Schulteis says the subject became noncompliant and resistive. He says the man attempted to run in front of a moving vehicle and became increasingly assaultive towards law enforcement. Deputies deployed a TASER multiple times to get the suspect under control and into restraints.

Schulteis says during the altercation the man was yelling at deputies to kill him. The individual was taken to a hospital for evaluation by the county’s mental health services and will be facing criminal charges.

The sheriff says that these types of calls quickly turn “routine” into life-threatening situations. Schulteis adds that he is pleased the subject, and his deputies, were not hurt and the individual will have the opportunity to receive much needed mental health services.