WBEV Annual Tribute To Veterans

11/10/17 – WBEV aired its annual Tribute To Veterans broadcast Thursday at the Beaver Dam Veterans Center. Among our guests yesterday was World War Two vet Jim Reabe who recounted his experiences earning a Bronze Star in the Battle of the Bulge under General George Patton. When asked about living in constant fear of being killed on the battlefield, Reabe said he had an “angel on his shoulder” that allowed him to survive 195 days of active combat over three years. “You don’t really realize it,” he says “It’s hard to explain how you feel in combat, you just don’t give a darn, if you make it you make it if you don’t you don’t, that’s the way it goes.”

He says he will never forgot an experience when his platoon was being shelled and he was secured under his tank with another guy who told Reabe “three weeks ago I was sitting at a desk in an office.” He says he often wonders if he made it or not. Reabe was in Germany when the war ended, walking from village to village making sure there were no Nazi troops hiding out. He recalled being stationed near a stream with huge trout that would gather at the dam in large numbers. “One hand grenade and you had your limit,” Reabe said. When asked by host John Moser if he still fishes like that today, Reabe noted with a laugh that “they took all my hand grenades away.” Radio broadcaster Jerry Stewart also joined Moser on the Tribute to Veterans. Stewart’s radio program “The Battle For Iwo Jima” will be broadcast on AM1430 WBEV on Saturday at 11am.