WBEV 1430AM Heard In Finland

3/8/12 – WBEV may not be streaming on the World Wide Web just yet, but that does not mean that we don’t have listeners around the world. We were contacted this week by Jarmo Patala and Vesa Rinkinen of Finland who tell us they picked up WBEV’s signal at 14-hundred 30 kilohertz on December 27 at 2am Central Standard Time. They said in an email that at the top of the hour there were several stations on 1430 but luckily our announcer, who if you listen closely is Rick Armon, made it through the interference. Jarmo and Vesa describe themselves as radio enthusiasts from Southern Finland who travel up to the northernmost province of Lapland every winter because the area is ideal for catching long distance AM radio signals. The duo used a Microtelecom SDR communications receiver connected to a half mile long wire antenna.