Wayland Lacrosse Team To Adopt Boy With Brain Cancer To Club

(Beaver Dam) Wayland Academy’s newly formed varsity boys’ lacrosse team will be adopting a boy with brain cancer to their club. Nine-year-old Mason Abraham had an MRI done in 2019 due to vision problems in his right eye. Following admission to American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, Mason took a downward turn, and two days later was having brain surgery to remove a newly discovered tumor. The pilocytic astrocytoma, a slow-growing type of primary central nervous system tumor, was found to be intertwined in Mason’s optic nerves and sat on his pituitary gland. To date, Mason has completed three different chemo regiments, with the most recent being part of a study. Unfortunately, while on that drug, the tumor grew 20-percent. Mason has lost complete use of his right eye with the sight in his left slowly deteriorating. Most recently, doctors attempted a tumor reduction surgery with was unsuccessful. Following this, a shunt was put in to help with hydrocephalus, a build-up of fluid in the brain. Officials with Wayland Academy say this is where the Abraham family currently stands as more chemo regiments are planned.  

The match between Mason and Wayland Academy was made possible through work with the Friends of Jaclyn, a non-profit organization based in New York. Mason will be officially welcomed to the team during a draft party, where he will sign an official draft letter and receive Wayland jerseys. He will also accept his official men’s lacrosse stick and ball as he gets ready to practice and cheer on his teammates. Director of Athletics and Head Lacrosse Coach Josh Blumenthal says they are beyond thrilled to welcome Mason to the program. He says they hope to create a sense of joy and comradery with their newfound friend. The ceremony is planned for September 26th at 10am inside the Wayland Academy Swan Library.