Waupun Working With Liquor License Holders To Accommodate Social Distancing

(Waupun) It may soon be easier for restaurants and bars in Waupun to expand their outdoor seating area. The common council last (Tuesday) night discussed an ordinance intended to help local establishments struggling due to COVID-19 increase square footage so they can operate at greater capacity while keeping customers and servers from concentrating indoors.

City officials say while that is the immediate need, long-term sidewalk cafes and beer gardens are an asset to the community that helps promote use and enjoyment of the Waupun’s public spaces as well as enhances tourism. They also point to a need to have a permanent ordinance on the books because some businesses may make financial investments into expanding their seating arrangements in order to comply with social distancing guidelines.

City Attorney Daniel Vande Zande says there are several questions that need answers to including how to keep customers from spilling over to pedestrian pathways, keeping extended seating areas clean as well as potential noise concerns. Details of the ordinance are still being hammered out and the matter will be discussed further at the next common council meeting.