Waupun Seeking Grant To Fund New Police Officer

(Waupun) At the recommendation of Police Chief Scott Louden, the Waupun Common Council this week approved a resolution to seek up to $125 thousand dollars to partially fund the addition of an eighteenth officer position.  Each year, the U.S. Department of Justice offers a Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Hiring Program Grant.  The purpose of the grant is to help communities offset the cost of new officers by providing funds to cover up to 75-percent of an entry-level officer’s salary and fringe benefits, capped at $125 thousand dollars.

Police Chief Louden says he sees this as a great opportunity to fund the new officer position. He notes that the grant is offered yearly, so once the city has completed the paperwork to apply, they can easily try again if they are not accepted.

City Administrator Kathy Schlieve says if approved, the city would have roughly 45 days to commit to using the funds and would need to keep the newly formed position open for the full five-year grant reporting period.  She says the total estimated cost over the five year reporting period is roughly $392,936, of which the grant would cover $125 thousand, and the city budget would be impacted by $267,936.  Schlieve says this would begin to have an impact on the city’s 2022 budget.

The COPS grant program awards 400 grants yearly totaling $149 million dollars.