Waupun School District Experiencing Staffing Shortages

(Waupun) As schools across the nation welcome students back to classroom learning amidst the ongoing COVID pandemic, many learning institutions are experiencing staffing shortages. Recently, parents with students enrolled in the Waupun Area School District received communication from District Administrator Steve Hill addressing just that. The Warrior Family Letter urges parents to have a plan in place if the district moves to a virtual model of instruction in either a partial or continual basis, with (quote) “little to no warning.” The letter explains that this is based on staff availability, also stating the district is hoping to not have to utilize this option.   

In a telephone interview, Hill explained that the district had been experiencing staffing shortages since before the pandemic but says COVID has only made the issue worse. This, along with normal illnesses seen as the weather grows colder, has put staffing at dire levels. This is a problem not unique to Waupun and Hill says throughout the region educators everywhere are doing what they can to maintain in person learning, but they must be prepared if they need to go virtual. Since sending out the communication, he adds several individuals have reached out to offer help and welcomes others to do the same in their districts as well.