Waupun Police Warn Grandparents Scam Is Making The Rounds

(Waupun) An elderly Waupun couple lost $4,000 in the “Grandparents” scam last week. The couple reported the scam to police last Friday afternoon. They received a call from a woman saying she was pregnant and got into an accident with their grandson in New York City. They sent the money to an address in New York City via UPS. Police learned the money was delivered that morning. Waupun Detective Brian O’Donovan urges residents to check out the story if you get a similar call. He says for some reason these people love to prey on the elderly and that it is not acceptable. O’Donovan encourages the elderly to contact their son or daughter and ask if their grandson or granddaughter is there to inform them of what they just received. He says it is easier to be manipulated by a stranger if they use a loved one as leverage. O’Donovan says if it involves a family member you know well, think with your heart before you do with your mind. He adds that should always follow up with relatives to make sure it is legitimate claim or not. O’Donovan says often scammers involve the name of a law enforcement agency to sell their story, which is something you can also check on. He says they’ve gotten four or five of these types of complaints recently.