Waupun Police Chief Retiring

5/10/17 –  After over 41 years on the force, Waupun’s police chief is retiring. Dale Heeringa, who served as chief for the past 13 years after being promoted from the deputy chief position, says that this is the right time to retire. Heeringa says his philosophy is that you do not want to stay too long because when you get a little older with these types of jobs you are not able to do them as proficiently. Heeringa adds that he stuck around ten and half years longer than he had to for the state’s retirement system. He says that the department will be in good hands and encourages the Police and Fire Commission to look internally for a successor. Heeringa had spent his entire career in Waupun and wanted to thank the community for being accepted and without their help and assisting it would not have run as efficiently as it did. There is no immediate time table for a replacement but the city council hopes to fill the position quickly. Also, the police departments K-9, Yako, has officially retired after seven years with the Waupun Police Department.