Waupun Memorial Hospital Staff Conduct Hazmat Training

(Waupun) Waupun Memorial Hospital recently conducted their annual hazardous material (Hazmat) training.  Personnel from Medical Imaging, Maintenance and Emergency Preparedness were involved setting up a special tent-like structure near the Emergency Department and practicing use of equipment, which is specially designed to decontaminate victims of a hazardous material incident.

The special tent is stored near the Emergency Department so it can be quickly set up as the first stage of care for patients who have experienced a hazardous waste spill. The structure features water shower capabilities where patients can have hazardous materials rinsed from their bodies. Non-ambulatory hazardous material victims can be placed on a conveyor system that runs through the hazmat decontamination tent.

The team also reviewed procedures for donning and doffing hazardous chemical gear. The goal was to set up the tent in 20 minutes or less, and the team far surpassed that goal coming in at 13 minutes.

“We are so very fortunate here at Waupun Memorial Hospital that we have such a dedicated and committed group of employees who are available no matter what time to help us care for individuals who have been exposed to chemical spills,” according to Patty Walgenbach, Waupun Memorial Hospital emergency preparedness coordinator. “It’s important that we routinely review these important steps so we are thoroughly prepared, and this team comes together and does a fantastic job.”