Waupun Memorial Hospital Launches New Dizziness Program

(Waupun) A new program at Waupun Memorial Hospital is providing an alternative treatment to people suffering from dizziness and balance difficulties. Vestibular rehabilitation is being offered through the hospital’s Sports & Spine Center, supported by Barb Schmitt, a leading therapist, who recently completed a vestibular rehabilitation course in Atlanta, Georgia. Schmitt says a person’s ability to maintain their balance depends on information that their brain receives from their eyes, muscles, joints your inner ears.  These systems work together to maintain normal equilibrium, but when they are in conflict dizziness and balance problems can occur.  It is estimated that nearly 40 percent of adults experience dizziness severe enough to report to their physicians. Fortunately, most causes of dizziness are treatable.  Waupun Memorial Hospital offers multiple types of therapy to battle these issues.  For more information on the new program, call the Waupun Memorial Hospital Sports & Spine Center at (920) 324-6544.