Waupun Mayor Casts Deciding Vote To Pass Chicken Ordinance

(Waupun) The mayor cast the tie-breaking Tuesday night vote that will allow chickens to be housed in the city of Waupun. The measure amends the municipal code that prohibited backyard poultry. The change means residential properties are now allowed to house up to four chickens per parcel while educational facilities are permitted up to 25.  However, the ordinance was amended on the council floor to more clearly define educational facility. City Attorney Dan Vande Zande says a home-school residence will not be considered an educational facility. Those wanting to raise hens need to first obtain a permit from the city which must be renewed annually. The ordinance limits the city to only ten permits issued-and-outstanding at any one time. Violators of the urban chicken ordinance are subject to a $250 fine for the first offense and $500 for each subsequent violation.