Waupun May See Decrease In Storm Water Utility Tax

4/26/17 – If you own a house in Waupun, you may soon be paying slightly less to the city’s Storm Water Utility. The utility is a taxing mechanism to fund construction and maintenance costs for the city’s storm sewers and water filtration ponds along with leaf collection activities and street sweeping. Waupun residents are currently paying on average $96-per year, among the highest municipality in the Wisconsin; the statewide average is $62. A recent audit of the utility revealed that some commercial properties were being undercharged and when adjustments are made, revenues increase creating a surplus. City Finance Director Jared Oosterhouse says if rates remained unchanged, the utility would annually generate $113-thousand dollars more than needed for capital improvements and equipment purchases. A rate analysis determined that the city should charge a residential property $7-per month instead of $8. The utility rate decrease passed through committee last night and will come before the Waupun Common Council next month.