Waupun Man Convicted In Thanksgiving Attack

7/14/17 – It took a jury in Fond du Lac County 90 minutes to convict a Waupun man in connection with a Thanksgiving Day attack. Juan Arriaga was found guilty of Attempted Kidnapping, Intimidation of a Victim, False Imprisonment, Battery and Disorderly Conduct. Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney says the situation could have ended much differently if not for the proactive efforts of a Waupun police officer. The 24-year-old Arriaga was observed walking on Main Street following the 22-year-old victim very closely, about ten feet behind, before he ran away. A short time later, the officer spotted Arriaga again and he appeared to be “hugging” the victim who then fell to the ground. The victim testified during the jury trial that while she was on the ground, Arriaga put his hand to her head mimicking a firearm. As the officer began to approach, he observed Arriaga directing the victim in the opposite direction, toward his home which was about one block away. As the victim saw the officer approaching, Arriaga shushed her. That’s when the victim yanked her purse from the defendant and ran toward the officer yelling that she had been knocked down and he was trying to “take” her. Arriaga took off but was apprehended a short time later hiding near a church. He told investigators that he punched the woman because he had been drinking and was lonely. The district attorney says the city of Waupun is fortunate to have such an outstanding police agency that prevented what easily could be considered every parent’s night mare. A sentencing hearing is pending.