Waupun Inmate Charged In Attack

(Waupun) An inmate of Waupun Correctional was charged this week with punching a security guard in the face. Brandon Newsom is facing a felony count of Battery by Prisoner. On February 11, Newsom was in the showers after plugging his toilet and flooding the cell. A correctional officer was tasked with transporting Newsom backed to his cell and was told by staff that the inmate would be secured in handcuffs. According to the criminal complaint, when the guard arrived Newsom was standing with his arms behind his back  and was complying with the officer’s commands. As the guard opened the shower cell doors Newsom slipped his right hand through the restraints and allegedly swung a closed fist at the officer, striking him in the face. Newsom reportedly sprinted from the scene but was quickly subdued by prison staff. If convicted, the 21-year-old faces an additional six years in prison. An initial appearance is scheduled for May 21.