Waupun Inmate Changes Plea In Vandalism Case

8/6/11 – An inmate at the Waupun Correctional Institution, accused of causing over $43,000 in damage to the Waupun Hospital, has changed his mind about the plea he entered at arraignment. Arthur Hill pleaded “not guilty” when he was arraigned in May. Hill changed that plea Friday to “not guilty by reason of mental defect.” As a result of the change, the court ordered an evaluation of Hill by two examiners to determine his mental state. Hill is charged with one felony count of Criminal Damage To Property Over $2500, which carries a maximum three-and-a-half year prison sentence upon conviction. The 24-year-old allegedly ripped out the sprinkler heads of a cell in the secure ward of the hospital on December 12 of last year. According to the criminal complaint, Hill stood on a toilet in his cell, wrapped a plastic bag around the sprinkler heads and jumped off while yelling, “let’s make it rain” and “let’s go swimming.” Water gushed from two broken sprinkler heads and Hill reportedly put blankets under the door allowing six to eight inches of water to pool. The jail cell sustained over $4800 in damage. Another $38,000 in water damage was reported to adjacent rooms and the ICU, which is located one floor below the secure ward in the hospital. A hearing will be scheduled after the court receives the reports from the psychologists.