Waupun Guard Accused Of Smuggling Drugs Into Prison

(Waupun) A Waupun correctional officer was charged Monday with bringing illegal contraband into the prison. Mose Rice of Janesville is facing one felony count of Deliver Illegal Articles to an Inmate. In July, an MP4 player and a modified thumb drive that contained pornographic materials were found inside a prisoner’s cell. The inmate allegedly admitted that Rice brought in the USB, and also weed, in order to help pay back debts from a gambling addiction. Rice at first denied the accusation when interviewed by law enforcement but later admitted to only bringing in the flash drive. Rice allegedly said he never took money but did it out of fear of retribution from a street gang that had ties to the inmate. If convicted, the 41-year-old faces no more than three-and-half-years in prison. An initial appearance is scheduled for October 29.