Waupun Facing Budget Deficit

7/1/11 – Despite major cuts and staff concessions the Waupun School District is still facing a $927,000 deficit for the 2011-2012 school year. That’s according to Business Services Director John Stellmacher who says they cut 2.3-million in staffing and benefits, and also dropped 19 teaching positions. The deficit is being caused by a number of things. That includes a loss of $2.1-million in revenue due to declining enrollments and state aid cuts. The rest of deficit is based on implementation of four-year-old kindergarten, increased retirement and unemployment costs and an increase in gas prices. One piece of good news for district taxpayers is a projected 3-cent decrease in the mill rate from $10.72 to $10.69. Stellmacher says the balance of the deficit will have to be made up with the districts fund balance.