Waupun Council Advances Municipal Court Agreement, Madison Street Repairs

(Waupun) Another hurdle has been cleared in the city of Waupun’s efforts to have municipal court matters handled in Beaver Dam. The Waupun Common Council this week approved a resolution to move ahead with the final planning stages in a collaborative agreement; one day after city officials in Beaver Dam adopted a similar resolution.

Police Chief Scott Louden presented the council with the benefits of the proposed agreement which would conservatively save the city $6000 while cutting the ticketing fines by as much as $50 per ticket.  Currently, all municipal ordinance or traffic infractions are handled in either Dodge or Fond du Lac County Circuit Court, at great expense.

Waupun currently has to pay to have an officer and a city attorney at every municipal case handled in circuit court. In Beaver Dam’s courtroom, that attendance would only be needed if the case goes to trial. City Attorney Daniel VandeZande says that would mean more time for Waupun officers to be on the streets servicing the community.

Part of the proposed agreement would allow the city of Waupun to withdraw from the use of Beaver Dam’s courtroom with 90-day notice if the city decides to at some point to change municipal court venues. If final details are approved by both cities, municipal court matters could begin being heard in Beaver Dam as soon as late August or September of this year.

City officials in Waupun discussed funding for street improvements at their special meeting this week. In talking about the five-year plan, Director of Public Works Jeff Daane expressed concerns over stretching out repairs on some of Waupun’s streets most in need of repair. He specifically referenced Madison Street which was ranked the worst street in the city. The council approved a motion to get engineering bids for the needed repairs on Madison Street with hopes of a spring of 2019 start date if the funding approved.