Waupun Council Adopts Ordinance Allowing ATV’s On City Streets

(Waupun) The Waupun Common Council adopted an ordinance Tuesday night allowing all-terrain vehicles to operate on city streets. The ordinance allows ATV’s and UTV’s to operate on all designated city streets except county and state highways or connecting highways with a speed limit above 35-miles per hour. All-terrain vehicle use is prohibited within the city from 10pm to 6am and protective headgear is required for those under 18 years of age.

Alderman Pete Kaczmarski says any concerns he had over the ordinance have been put to rest. Kaczmarski says he initially voted against it but any issues he had have been addressed, noting that the police department will review the ordinance in a year or as needed. Alderman Michael Matoushek says his decision to support the ordinance was based off his constituents. Matoushek says of the residents he talked with, those in favor outweighed those who were against it.

The vote to adopt the ordinance was 4-2 with Kaczmarski, Matoushek, Jason Westphal and Nancy Vanderkin voting in favor. While Alderpersons Bobbie Vossekuil and Ryan Mielke voted against. Mayor Julie Nickel says even though the ordinance passed, residents are still not allowed to use all-terrain vehicles until signs are erected which could take three to four months.