Waupun Correctional Inmate Accused Of Punching Guard

(Waupun) An inmate at the Waupun Correctional Institution is accused of attacking a prison guard. Jade Eichman is facing one felony count of Battery by Prisoner. In November, Eichman was auguring with a member of the prison staff. According to the criminal complaint, when ordered to put his hands behind his back Eichman spun around and punched a corrections officer in the jaw. After a short altercation, the 23-year-old was eventually subdued. In talking with investigators, Eichman alleged that prison staff had sexually assaulted him so he acted out. Eichman is currently serving time for a Possession of Child Pornography charge from Barron County. If convicted, Eichman could face an additional six years in prison. An initial appearance is schedule for February 15.