Waupun Correctional Inmate Accused Of Stabbing Another Prisoner

(Waupun) A Waupun Correctional inmate has been charged with stabbing another prisoner. Dylan Madderom is facing a felony count of Battery by Prisoner Use of a Dangerous Weapon.

Security cameras allegedly captured Madderom stabbing the inmate multiple times in the back of the head and neck in March. According to the complaint, the victim said he was stabbed approximately five times with a metal side piece from a pair of glasses.

He reportedly said he knew Madderom from their time at Racine Youthful Offender Correctional Facility where they got into a fist fight in 2017.

When questioned about the attack, Madderom allegedly said that he had no idea what investigators were talking about and that he never had a weapon. The victim was taken to Waupun Memorial Hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

If convicted, the 26-year-old faces up to six years in prison.