Waupun College Student In Need Of A New Kidney

(Waupun) A twenty-two-year-old college student from Waupun is in need of a new kidney. Eric Warnke is diagnosed with end stage kidney failure. His story began in June of 2020 after Warnke was denied entry into the military reserves for elevated blood pressure and proteinuria. A scan of Warnke’s kidneys were clear but it noted possible white coat hypertension.

Over the next 18 months, Warnke continued his education at Marian University and made the Dean’s List his first year but noted that everything was a struggle. He says he was tired all the time and suffered from headaches. A doctor’s appointment around last Thanksgiving had medical professionals urging Warnke to get to the ER as soon as possible.

When he was admitted, Warnke had a blood pressure of 212-over-150. Numerous tests were run, and a kidney biopsy was sent to John Hopkins before Warnke was released from the hospital. Days later Warnke was informed he would begin dialysis three times a week, every week. Warnke’s diagnosis is “IGA Nephropathy with End Stage Kidney Failure.” A disease that affects roughly one in 100-thousand people. He is now on the National Kidney Transplant list.

Warnke will speak at Bee a Donor which will be held at the Thelma Sadoff Art Center in Fond du Lac on April 9th. The event brings together donors and recipients to share stories and promote organ donation. He will also appear on WBEV’s Community Comment on April 7th to share his story and search for a living donor. More information and updates can be found at the ‘A Kidney for Eric’ Facebook page.

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