Waupun Cleanup Progressing As The City Braces for Additional Rain

(Waupun) City officials in Waupun issued this press release Thursday evening on the aftermath of Tuesday’s severe weather.

“The City of Waupun launched a webpage today to provide a central location for the community to gather information and updates on storm cleanup.  The page can be accessed by visiting www.cityofwaupun.org and clicking the storm updates banner. 

Crews continued to make progress on clean up.  Waupun Public Utilities plans to call for additional mutual aid on Friday, August 31, to complete electric system infrastructure repairs.  At present, Gateway Drive remains closed due to localized flooding and one block of Franklin Street is closed due to needed communication system repairs.   A shelter at the Brandon Elementary School, 200 West Bowen Street, Brandon remains open for residents who are unable to remain in their homes.  Customers without power are reminded to call 920-324-9720 to report power outages.

The National Weather Service in Sullivan, WI reports that an additional .5 to 1.5 inches of rain is expected in our area over the next three days, with peak rainfall occurring in a 24-hour period between Friday and Saturday evenings.  Additional rainfall could result in flooding.  The Department of Public Works (DPW) is asking residents to assist in keeping storm water inlets free from storm debris.  According to Jeff Daane, Director of Public Works (DPW), “even areas that don’t normally flood could experience flooding as a result of all the down debris, especially if storm water inlets become blocked.”  Sandbags will be available for resident pickup at the City Garage located at 903 N Madison Street, beginning on Friday, August 31.  Additional bags and sand will be available for residents to fill as needed and residents are encouraged to monitor weather and take precautionary measures.

All residents of the City of Waupun who have damage to their property as a result of this disaster should call 2-1-1 to report the damage.  At present, residents who are seeking assistance with cleanup can register their need on the storm update webpage found at www.cityofwaupun.org or by calling the City Hall at 920.324.7900.  We continue to work with local agencies to determine the best way to connect volunteers to resident needs and will provide further update tomorrow.”