Waupun City Administrator Warns Of Declining Revenues In Budget Preview

(Waupun) The Waupun Common Council heard an update Tuesday night on the 2020 budget. No numbers were unveiled during the budget workshop. City Administrator Kathy Schlieve says the city should have a better knowledge of what the tax levy and mill rates will be in the coming weeks. Schlieve did highlight several fiscal trends over the last seven years, including declining revenues which she says is challenging city operations and is a concern from a business perspective.

She says a consideration should be given to the need to diversify revenue sources. Several possible alternatives mentioned include a wheel tax, user fees, special assessments or intergovernmental service agreements. Schlieve noted that a wheel tax and special assessment have seen little support and encourages city officials to continue to find different revenue options. When adjusted for inflation, the city’s expenditures have seen a slight increase of 1-percent. Schlieve says Waupun must adopt a lean government mindset.

Schlieve says continued erosion of revenue streams over time may result in cuts to city services and challenge needs for capital improvements. The first draft of the 2020 budget will be presented to the Committee of the Whole during their September 24 meeting. Final budget adaption is slated for November 12.