Waupun Audit Reveals Positive Financial Trends

(Waupun) The city of Waupun received some positive news at Tuesday night’s Common Council meeting from their annual financial audit.  Carla Gogin, a partner of Baker Tilly, shared the financial highlights from her report on the recently-concluded audit. Gogin praised the city on the use of its $4.4 million-dollar general fund to help finance area projects allowing the city to avoid borrowing from outside sources.  She also commented on the city’s financial trends. Gogin says it’s important to look at a snapshot of how you did last year, but it’s even more important to know what has the five-year history been. She says the five-year history take-away is stability.” Gogin cited a favorable economic upswing as playing a part in the positive results, but also put a decent emphasis on the city’s ability to spend less annually than their initial estimates while meeting or exceeding their self-imposed financial goals.