Watertown’s Water Department To Flush Hydrants Throughout The City

(Watertown) Watertown’s Water Department plans to flush hydrants throughout the city starting Monday. Flushing will mainly occur between 5am and 1pm beginning September 12th, with one crew starting on Main Street and a second will begin on Hospital Drive.

City officials say flushing will continue Tuesday through Friday from 7am to 3pm and the week of September 19th. Hydrants located on streets that are currently under construction will not be flushed at this time.

Customers are asked to refrain from using water during the flushing hours each day, especially for laundry, to avoid bringing rusty water into their home’s plumbing. Citizens are also asked to wait until after 4pm on flushing days to do laundry and check watercolor before starting.

More information about hydrant flushing or if you experience rusty water is available on the city’s website. Click HERE to visit the site.