Watertown Teen Charged With Making Terrorist Threats Against School

(Watertown) A Watertown teen accused of making threats against her school made her initial appearance in court Monday. Elizabeth Higgins is facing a felony charge of Make Terrorist Threats and a misdemeanor charge of Resisting.

According to the criminal complaint, Watertown police officers received an anonymous message from Tip 411 early last Friday morning (November 5th) with a photo from the social medial platform Snapchat. The photo reportedly contained a picture of three assault rifles in opened gun cases with a caption that read (quote) “yes do not come [to] school tomorrow.”

Authorities allegedly tied the account the picture was posted under back to Higgins. Officials with the school, not named in the criminal complaint, where notified and Higgins was brought to the assistant principal’s office before entering the building. Higgins reportedly told police that the photo was fake and the threat was not legitimate.

Investigators searched Higgins’s phone and allegedly found the image sent to authorities through Tip 411 in her photos. It was reportedly saved from a “Gun Snapchat” google search, immediately after she searched the Watertown Police Department Tip 411 number. Police say the photo was also sent to multiple other students at Higgins’ school.

If convicted, the 17-year-old faces over four years behind bars. A signature bond was set at $1,000 and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 16th.