Watertown Police Department Investigating Standoff Incident

(Watertown) The Watertown Police Department is actively investigating a standoff incident that occurred over the weekend. Police were called to a residence on Arlington Way around 4pm on Saturday.

It started as a bond violation which Watertown authorities say then led to the standoff with police. The suspect displayed and pointed a firearm at officers several times and made numerous comments about engaging police in a gun fight. Law enforcement say at one point the suspect exited the home and pointed a firearm in the direction of police. An officer then shot at the individual without striking him.

Negotiators worked to get the man to surrender and talked as well as texted him for nearly 14 hours. SWAT teams from both the Dodge and Jefferson County sheriff’s office were called to assist. They deployed gas and used distraction devices on several occasions to get the suspect to surrender. After all attempts failed, authorities made entry to the residence and arrested the man without incident.

He was transported to the Jefferson County Jail. The suspect’s name as well as the identity of the officer involved in the shooting are not being released at this time.