Watertown Moose Lodge In Need Of Auction Items For Fundraiser

(Watertown) A not-profit organization in Watertown is looking for donations to auction off during an upcoming fundraiser. Moose International is a group dedicated to helping children in need, caring for senior members and aim to bring communities closer together. Junior Governor of the Watertown Lodge Alan Van Dyke says their upcoming event will help raise funds to benefit several local services include a local veterans service dog, the library fund and Mooseheart as well as Moosehaven. Mooseheart is a residential childcare facility located in Chicago while Moosehaven serves as a retirement community for Moose members based in Florida. Van Dyke says funds will be geared more towards Mooseheart due to its mission to help children which is one of the Moose Lodge’s primary missions. He says that the auction is a joint effort between both the men’s and women’s chapter of the Watertown Moose Lodge. During yesterday’s appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Van Dyke explained the types of items they are looking to auction off. Donations or consignments will be accepted and can include antiques, collectibles, guns, hunting items, sports memorabilia, bicycles or toys. The deadline to submit items for auction is September 1st but Van Dyke says there is a period of time following that date if an individual does still wish to make a donation. If enough items are collected the auction will take place September 22 at 1222 Juneau Street in Watertown at 10am. For more information call 920-261-4152 or 920-253-7758.