Watertown Man Convicted On Armed Robbery Charges

(Watertown) A jury convicted a Watertown man Thursday for a home invasion. Tommie Plummer was found guilty of Armed Robbery with Threat of Force and Armed Burglary with a Dangerous Weapon both as a party to a crime. Last May, Watertown police officers were called to a property on Louisa Street. A woman told police that she was sleeping when two suspects awakened her; one of them pointed a gun and demanded money and marijuana. In the following days, investigators talked to witnesses who noticed two suspicious individuals walking near the home and reviewed security footage that tied the suspects to a red pickup truck. Plummer was identified as the operator of the vehicle. The 29-year-old initially denied involvement in the crime but later admitted that a person who lived at the home would provide him marijuana and that person shorted him in a drug deal. Plummer admitted to taking 28 grams of marijuana and $800 dollars in cash from the property. He also refused to give up the identity of the second person involved in the crime. Plummer will be sentenced in April.