Watertown Man Charged As Lookout In Dealership Burglary

2/7/12 – A Watertown man is accused of acting as the lookout in last month’s armed burglary of Martin Motors. A window was broken on January 26 to gain access to the Watertown car dealership. 18-year-old Mark Humfleet is charged with being a party to a crime of Burglary and Theft. Authorities say Humfleet served as the lookout while another man ransacked the office, stealing around $20 in cash an iPod and a 22-caliber handgun. The handgun was allegedly found in Humfleet’s possession. The other man has not been charged but according to the criminal complaint he burglarized the dealership on the same day he was to be sentenced for an unrelated burglary. Shoe prints at the scene matched the shoes he was wearing during questioning and after investigators noted the similarity he reportedly connected the stolen gun to

Humfleet, who is also accused of filing down the serial number on the weapon. The charges carry a maximum of over 21 years in prison if Humfleet is convicted.